A gentle life makes a heart happy.

Watercolour Paintings: Spot of Tea

Spot of Tea, Periwinkle Blue Dotted Polka Dot Teapot, Watercolor Painting Original Artwork by E.V. Haven. $30

Spot of Tea, Periwinkle Blue Dotted Polka Dot Teapot, Watercolor Painting Original Artwork by E.V. Haven. $30

New paintings in the shop here!  Great for gifts or anywhere in your home/office. More animals, kitchen, nursery, and garden paintings coming this week!

Spot of Tea, Modern Black Steam Swirls Dotted Polka Dot Teapot, Watercolor Painting Original Artwork by E.V. Haven. $30

Spot of Tea, Modern Black Steam Swirls Dotted Polka Dot Teapot, Watercolor Painting Original Artwork by E.V. Haven. $30

Spot of Tea, Blue Bird Dotted Polka Dot Teapot, Watercolor Painting Original Artwork by E.V. Haven. $30

Spot of Tea, Blue Bird Dotted Polka Dot Teapot, Watercolor Painting Original Artwork by E.V. Haven. $30


New Spring Artwork at evhavens.com

Watercolour Paintings: Apples and (Clementine) Oranges

clementines sm

Clementines Oranges on Matelasse Table Runner Fruit Still Life Watercolor Painting Original Artwork by E.V. Haven. $25

New paintings in the shop here!  Great for gifts or anywhere in your home/office. More animals and garden paintings coming this week!

apples sm

Spring Bowl of Green Red Apples Watercolor Painting Original Artwork by E.V. Haven. $25

page capture

Stone Walk

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Free Book Chapter: Spacial Spring Cleaning

This is FREE excerpt from my upcoming book:  A Gentle Life Makes A Heart Happy, by E.V. Haven.  Hope you like it!


There are many types of Spring Cleaning that we can do seasonally and daily.  Do things daily so they don’t build up.  Do things seasonally to prepare you to relax into the new weather.  Prepare your home, your belongings, yourself.

The most commonly known kind of Spring Cleaning is for the Home.  Try on everything and sell, donate, repair, recycle, or trash what doesn’t fit you now (key word now), make you feel good, look good, or generally do not want and will not wear now or ever.  Garage sales and donations to your local salvation army or goodwill will help de-clutter your home of unwanted or unused items.  To do these things, you must be honest with yourself.  Does this really fit me now?  Do I ever use this now?  I want to be able to find everything when I need it.  Ruthless purging of items is exhausting, so do this room by room, or even closet by closet, over a period of time.  Give yourself a month, or a specific timeline for certain areas of your home.  You don’t want to do this all in one day or take all year.  Drink lots of water and take breaks for food and to reflect on your next task.  Once you’re in the mode, you might have to make yourself stop for the day.  You don’t want to get rid of everything for the sake of cleaning up.  If you haven’t used it in 6 months or daily, you probably don’t need it.  That’s where the honest part comes in.  Take time and be honest and thoughtful.  Ask others to do so for their things.  The things you can do daily are simple and will help keep you healthy.  Kitchens, Bathrooms, and Bedrooms should always be cleaned weekly or when needed.  Linens weekly or when needed.  That goes for all of those men who never wash their sheets or towels.  Dirty dish cloths are not clean and the dishes you dry them with won’t be either.  The satisfaction and air that will flow throughout your home is light, leaving you more space to breathe and to redirect your life in the path you have always wished for.

When buying new things, remember to look for quality and lasting materials, ageless design, and the main factor of functionality, and if you love it!  So many people buy things that are temporary.  They buy so many of these things over time, that if you bought one good one, for a similar price, you’d have it forever.  Sustainable shopping is a way to create space in your home because you’re not buying lots of things, just quality pieces that will last or function how you wish.  Everyone loves a great sale.  You can still shop thriftily and look for quality.  Say, Do I need this?  How long will I use this?  Honesty is key for buying things.  The big picture helps when deciding before the check out.  Nothing lasts forever, but you can cut down on things accumulating in your home if you are mindful of what is already there and how things fit together.  Don’t follow trends, buy or make what you love.

Digital Spacial Cleaning will not only free up your hard drive for new things, but it will also ease your mind when trying to find certain files.  Having enough space on your computer when creating new things is relaxing.  No dreaded error messages.  External hard drives are great for backing things up.  So much of what we save is temporary.  Looking out on a new season with a clean desktop, and room for new folders and chapters in our lives is one big way to clean up.

Unsubscribe from junk magazines and emails to free up room in your mailbox and inbox.  Create systems of communication that work for you to de-stress and make emailing more enjoyable.  Unplug for a certain time every day or once a week.  Sundays used to be the day of rest for some.  Choose a time of day or a full day to turn off your phone.  Take a walk, go see a movie, have lunch with a friend without texting.  Free write about anything.  Let it spill out, and empty your thoughts to take 30 minutes to meditate on the sound of your breathing.  What relaxes you?  What hobby or interest can you make some space for?

Daily or weekly upkeep on yourself creates healthy habits that last a lifetime.  This sets good examples for yourself in the future, for your children, or anyone around you.  Nails, hair, skin, teeth, and taking care of your body creates a lightness in your eyes and confidence in your walk.  Breathing and sleeping well are the biggest things you can do.  Don’t suffer in a room that does not allow the proper amount of air or humidity for restful sleep and easy breathing.  Move your bed anywhere or move your home.  If you cannot do things you need to do yourself, ask someone to help you.  If they can’t hear you or understand your needs, keep asking people.  Get creative.  Step out of the norm.  Move things around to suit your needs.  Move your home if you need to.  Having enough space, air, sleep, and basic needs to live is important.  Yoga breathing and exercise creates a clear space in your lungs and mind for new air and thoughts.  Writer’s block may be solved by sitting outside on a fresh spring day.  By breathing in new air, new ideas may float over to you in the wind.  Allowing your mind to unwind the subconscious helps your daily decisions become healthy ones.  The flow of your body creates space in your life.  Blocked bodies and bad air flow make you sick, unpleasant, and prevent you from living how you wish.  Acupuncture, massage, creative solutions, good sleep, stretching, taking walks, and more can help create space in your body.  Drink water and eat fresh good foods in a balanced way to maximize your energy.  Indulge your cravings with a very small portion of it, while eating healthy foods for your main meals.  Denying yourself your desired pleasures will create a conflict in your mind and body.  There are ways to replace things you know are bad for you with healthy foods that taste just as or more delicious than your old favorites.  The less you can mess with your body in a negative way (chemically, physically, emotionally,) the less your body has to fight to remedy your actions.  Some people depend on caffeine and other things to get through the day.  They could be stronger by keeping their body more pure, out of environments that cause distress, and by becoming more in tune with what they already need to create a healthy balance.  Adding more layers of static to fix a problem does not fix anything.  There is no space for recovery or reflection.  Bravery to face life without anything clouding their insight is what they would find to be truly satisfying, and would not negatively impact others.  Listening to music instead of watching constant TV, or leaving quiet space in your day, will allow your mind to rest from the flashing imagery of the media.  Nature is enough to watch.  Look at a tree to see how many small parts are moving in the air.  Watch the water ripple in mesmerizing, sparkling scrolls.  Clouds are beautifully in flux.  There is so much motion and noise around us all the time.  Creating space in your life for rest is vital.

The more you move the more you want to move.  The more you do things that are getting things done and getting your body stronger naturally by doing so, the more motivated you will be in life to do all of those things on your lists.  Real strength cannot be found in a gym.  Walking is great because it does not stress out your joints.  It allows you to take time to breathe in new air, lets your mind unwind, and you can experience and reflect on the world around you and how you want to live from now on.  If you cannot make it outdoors, if you don’t have time to make time, or if you are ill, stretching is a great option.  Yoga and many other kinds of exercise are a series of stretches and breathing.  The only equipment you need to get healthy and in shape is your body and a healthy attitude that says, “I want to be the best and healthiest me I can be, naturally.”  Start by stretching one thing more every day.  If you start off small, you will naturally grow more optimistic and more flexible every day.  Moving around will unblock your body.  Drink lots of good clean water to flush out toxins that were stuck.  If you find yourself sitting for most of the day, try to sit holding your body in a good posture, and breathe into the parts that are sore.  This will help build good habits and strengthen your muscles and relieve some pain caused from stillness.  If your work space is ergonomically uncomfortable, invest in a good chair, write your name on it, adjust the height of your desk, chair, computer depth, etc to fit your body.  Take breaks and walk after lunch.  Breathe, smile, laugh, dance, just move around and you will feel better in every way.  Your mood will improve and you might even sleep better.  Gardening and learning the patience of helping things to grow is a beautiful way to move forward in every way too.

Emotional space is important to give yourself to adapt when transferring yourself into different environments.  Many people need time to themselves and space to adapt to their home after coming from work.  Some need space after a meal to digest and unwind before bedtime.  Others need time outside every day to get a sense of space and how they fit into the world.  Emotions overlap so heavily that space is required for clarity.  Space between words.  Space between hard ships and moving forward.  Space in a room.  Space between people.  Space for love to thrive daily.  Space for oneself to wash the day off or prepare for a new one.  Flustered is a term created from the lack of space.  Denial happens when a person denies themselves space to process.  Everyone sees and experiences the world in a unique way.  Give space not just material items.  Even when in perfect love, one needs a few minutes of space for love to rest in.  The senses need space to cooperate.  Everyone needs relief from the overlapping sounds of the day.  Sleep space is important to repair the body for the next day.  Temperature, internal and external, needs a spacial balance.  This often changes so quickly that it is hard to keep track of.  If you think of all of the things that need space in one moment, it is overwhelming that we can find our balance even once a year.  To help find our balance, it helps to de-clutter our lives.  Simple is good.  Buy less, owe less, love more, laugh more, eat well, sleep well, smile always, live your dreams, make your home yours, be good to those around you.  It’s simple; make decisions that last, yet are flexible, and are healthy for everyone.

Plants need certain spacial things to grow as we all do.  A seed needs air space in the soil, the right air temperatures, sunlight times throughout the day, temperatures of space, amounts of water, and nutrients.  Everything in the universe is the same when you look at it in terms of space and learning.  Everything has a language, materials, instruments, and a process.  Everything depends on everything else.

Cleaning up is part of living.  Nature has many examples of cleaning up after a season.  The Spring rain washes away winter.  Nothing thrives on being boxed into junk.  To live your dreams,  space is necessary.

The best way of beginning your Spring Cleaning today is to create a space between your lips, forming a smile.  One that knows how happy and light you will feel when your body, mind, soul, heart, family, surroundings, and home have the space they need to grow, rest, and feel the sunshine.

Build and live your dreams today!

~E.V. Haven



Watercolour Paintings: Spring Calf, 6 Trees, Bowl of Apples

Calf, Honey Brown Fluffy Spotty Baby Cow Watercolour Original Painting by E.V. Haven.

Spring Calf, Honey Brown Fluffy Spotty Baby Cow Watercolour Original Painting by E.V. Haven. $25.00

New paintings in the shop here!  Great for gifts or anywhere in your home/office. More animals and garden paintings coming this week!

6 trees sm

Sale Spring Six Green Arborvitae Trees in Pots Watercolor Painting Original Artwork by E.V. Haven. $25

apples sm

Spring Bowl of Green Red Apples Watercolor Painting Original Artwork by E.V. Haven. $25

Home: Kitchens, Wallpapers, Tiles, and More!

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